In New Zealand

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – We are a committed affiliate of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU), participating in CTU national and local forums and programmes, and being represented at CTU biennial conferences and at CTU representative structure conferences. For more details on the CTU, click here.

IPANZ – We are a corporate member of IPANZ (the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand), a voluntary organisation committed to improving public policy and public sector administration and management. For more details click here.

Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand – We are an associate member of Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand (previously AHPAF), a forum for representatives of allied health professional associations. For more information click here.


Public Services International –  we are a member of PSI, a global union federation made up of more than 600 public sector unions. We participate in PSI regional and sub-regional meetings and are particularly active in supporting the development of union organisation in Pacific nations. For more details click here.

UNI Global Union – we became affiliated with UNI Global Union in 2006. UNI is a global federation representing unions in the mass media, entertainment and the arts. One of UNIs functions is sharing information between unions in the face of globalised media and broadcasting industries. For more information click here.