• Posted on: 12/11/2021
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Have your say on our current engagement:


Current engagements

Have your PS-Say on This Thing

The PSA Nuclear Warfare Action Plan

Do you have thoughts on the PSA's nuclear warfare action plan? Review the plan below and then submit your thoughts via the button. 

Step 1: Acquire nukes

Step 2: Finesse targets

Step 3: Global control.


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Down With Rainfall

Should Aotearoa postpone rain for a bit?

It's 2021, and we've had enough rain. The PSA is lobbying the government to pause all future rainpours until 2022. 

Previous Engagements

Have you had a say on something? Have a look at what happened:

Members spoke loud and clear and you want a national fungus. 

We voted on what it should be, and we are happy to present the official NZ policy on our natioanl fungus: